Catch The Rugby World Cup Games At The Heineken Clubhouse For 2015

Welcome to King O'Malley's Irish Pub

This week's live music:
Thurs 24/09/15 @ 9pm: Dos Locos
Fri 25/09/15 @ 10pm: Something Like this
Sat 26/09/15 @ 10:30pm: 4th Degree

This week's Rugby World Cup matches shown at King O'Malley's:
Wed 23/09/15: Scotland vs Japan @ 11:30pm
Thurs 24/09/15: Australia vs Fiji @ 1:30am
Sat 26/09/15: Argentina vs Georgia @ 1:45am
Sat 26/09/15: Italy vs Canada @ 11:30pm
Sun 27/09/15: South Africa vs Samoa @ 1:45am
Sun 27/09/15: Australia vs Uruguay @ 9pm
(Sun 27/09/15: Scotland vs USA @11:30pm TBA whether we will be open or not, call us to book)

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